Sustainable journey

Your sustainable journey starts here. Did you know that with every reusable Cactus bag you can save up to 500 plastic bags a year.

shopping bag ecofriendly helping people with disabilities

This is us

We are an itty bitty company based out of Phoenix, AZ. We have a great passion for all the good things in life. We are especially passionate about our environment and helping others. We took an old European invention, improved it while helping others.

All our bags are 100% unique, recyclable, Eco-friendly and reusable probably million times. The fiber that we use to make our bags is 100% polyester and is custom made in Germany. Therefore we make sure, it has a minimal impact on our environment.

All our bags are made with LOVE in Europe by people with disabilities. 

DID you know that our cactus bag can do this?

You ask, we answer

What are cactus bags made out of and are they eco-friendly?

Yes. Our bags are made out of 100% recyclable new technology polyester. We custom make our fiber, that way we can control the environmental impact and minimize it. This makes our bags very unique and eco-friendly unlike other reusable bags.

How much can our bags carry?

Our net was originally used in carrying truck tires. We had conducted testing at a local technical universtity and the load capacity is up to 200 lbs.

How reusable are Cactus bags?

Our bags literary last forever. You can use them over and over again, we still have bags that are over 10 years old and still fully functional.

Your sustainable journey starts here.

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Your sustainable journey starts here. With every reusable cactus bag, you can save up to 500 plastic bags a year.

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