Why to say NO to paper, single use plastic and even organic cotton shopping bags

There has been a long debate over the past few years if the sustainable way of life as we know it is the right way. There are many publications, articles and other resources on how to, but what is the right alternative to be zero waste?

At cactus bag we are big believers in reusable fibers.  As I read through studies and comments and opinions over the past years I’m even bigger believer in reusing all you have. Why reusing and why we chose to make our bags out of new polyester. Polyester what? Yes one of the fibers that last you a very long time, its lightweight, durable, washable and still good to go after 10, 20, 30 years. It’s not the same polyester as you know it from the 60’s and 70’s. That type of polyester is dead and long gone. Welcome to the 21st century! Where you have soft, durable, stretchable and reusable polyester that we use to make our cactus bags.There is no other material that could possibly do all that. All our fibers are custom made, therefore we control not only the quality but the way it's made. And we make sure, that there is as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks so, all studies, published within the last 10 years concluded that polyester made shopping bags are the best in positive long term environmental impact on our Planet.

Why not paper? Paper bag has to be reused 43 times before positive environmental impact. Well, what is not that great about paper bags is the material, technology, energy and water that has to be used to make just one bag. And to reuse it 43 times is in most cases unsustainable.

Single use plastic bag, I’m not a fan, yes it has the best ranking surprisingly for a very low carbon footprint on the Earth, but there is really no way you can reuse these bags for years to come unlike the polyester one. It not only tears but load capacity is very limited.

Organic cotton and cotton, those two have the last place. Organic cotton bag has to be reused 20,000 times before any positive impact on the environment and regular cotton 7,100 times. What does that mean? In the best case scenario, if you have your reusable organic cotton bag and really do your part, you have to use it and reuse it for 54.8 years. Is that really doable for all of us?

The bottom line is, do what works for you. Do something that makes a difference. Do I want my grand kids one day see turtles in the sea? Yes, Am I willing to stop using unnecessary plastic and shift towards more sustainable solutions, like our cactus bags. The answer is always YES.

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Your sustainable journey starts here. With every reusable cactus bag, you can save up to 500 plastic bags a year.

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