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We are an itty bitty company based out of Phoenix, AZ. We have a great passion for all the good things in life. We are especially passionate about our environment and helping others. We took an old European invention and turned it into a lifestyle while helping people with disabilities. All our bags are 100% unique, recyclable, eco-friendly, reusable probably million times and best part is all the bags are made with love in the 💓 of Europe, by people with disabilities.

Our ultimate mission is to bring this model of production here to USA. We believe that everyone has to have the opportunity to live a meaningful life. Through our products we are able to provide many opportunities, from fair wage to education and of course happiness. So please buy and enjoy our products, we appreciate your support!  Email us at info@cactusbag.com.

Love, your Cactus Bag team

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Your sustainable journey starts here. With every reusable cactus bag, you can save up to 500 plastic bags a year.

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